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A unique combination of chiropractic and rehab therapy


Soft Tissue Mobilization


Felipe H. –

So far, Dr. Blum has fixed some lower back and knee issues that I was having. She did amazing work with the knee, which had been bothering me for a little over a year. I am a big believer in Active Release and highly recommend it and Dr. Blum for any nagging back or sports injuries that you may have. In the 7 weeks that I’ve been seeing her, I’ve escalated my running from about 7 miles per week to about 22 miles per week and I feel great.  


Laurie H. –
Dr. Blum stepped in for me after traditional P.T. had hit its limit of effectiveness for TWO partially torn ACLs. 8 sessions of Active Release and Graston (interrupted by a vacation) had me to about 90% … I was amazed. She then did a full reevaluation so as NOT to keep me coming back if we didn’t feel there was more to gain. Dr. Blum is also my kind of doctor: friendly but very efficient and to-the-point. It’s also great the office has a small exercise room to warm up in, and the whole office is nicely decorated and warm-feeling (not “clinical”). Lastly, I never had a minute’s trouble with insurance coverage, so either my plan is bionic or they did a paperwork miracle. Either way, all good. Bravo!


P. H. --

In one sentence: I would definitely recommend Dr. Blum to anyone experiencing any sort of discomfort tension or pain due to TMJ or jaw tension! I was referred to Dr. Blum by my primary care doctor after experiencing severe discomfort and tension in my jaw for over a year. I would wake up in the middle of the night and notice throughout the day that my jaw was clenched so tightly it actually hurt more to relax it. After just 6 weeks of treatment (1x/week) with Dr. Blum I would say I have a 90% improvement. I'm so relieved! She is really fantastic at what she does and I love her straight forward style. She offers a variety of treatments and exercises for whatever the patient is comfortable with. Also the office environment is friendly and welcoming.


Ed K. –

I hurt my neck about a month ago and it got so bad I could not sleep, after dealing with it for two weeks I finally went to see Dr. Blum. I have never been to a chiropractor before, however, she was great and within two visits I was sleeping again! She is really nice and even helped with how I sit at my desk at work. The whole office is nice and friendly and has a great relaxed feel.


Min S. –

I am extremely happy with Dr Kris Blum’s treatments and can’t say more positive things about it. I’ve had a back and posture problem for years and have seen multiple chiropractors. I’ve had those who hurt my body and have had a great one in Chicago. When I moved to SF, I was skeptical if I would find another good chiro but Dr Kris Blum has made me very happy. Her active release treatments and precisely accurate adjustments have made me feel better each time I see her. Moreover, she also taught me some great exercises for strengthening and has also given me advice on my posture. All in all, a very wholesome treatment. And what’s the best part? I’ve seen her for only six treatments so far and have seen a dramatic improvement.

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